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Middle school students suspended after seeing teacher’s topless photo on class iPad – Daily News

what the hell is wrong with the school…because they violated school policy???

what is the school policy, don’t discover nudes of the teacher on school issued iPads…these administrators are morons.

If my kid got suspended bc of this I would be furious…I would probably show up at the school with a lawyer or something. It makes no sense. – Oldest Brother

Fascinating TV – National Geographic Drugged

This show has to be one of the most fascinating television series.

To see how these people let the drugs take over their life is unbelievable.

A quick click from National Geographic

Acoustic Song – Mayday Parade

I’m a big fan of acoustic music and love when Punk/Emo bands play their original songs as an acoustic version.

Mayday Parade plays their “Three Cheers for Five Years” song on the Punk Goes Acoustic 2 record.

You can listen to the original version here:

Buy the record from iTunes:

New Screamo/Emo/Alternative Music for July 2012

I have found a few new bands over the past month or so. Here are some pretty good songs.

Sleeping With Sirens – silly screamo band with the lead singer having a distinct voice, gets me seriously pumped up. Here is one of their intense songs:

Less intense, but awesome Sleeping With Sirens songs

Title Song from their album in May

Another great song by them

Cover of the Goo Goo Dolls – Iris

In Fear and Faith – Some hardcore screamo songs, but also some bad ass rock/alternative/emo songs with some cool piano riffs in the songs

From their new album, piano is pretty sick in this song and not as intense but some serious emo sh*t in this song.

This song you can actually hear the lead singers distinctive voice…pretty cool

This song has the lead singer from Chiodos (favorite band)

Hardcore screamo song, I don’t listen to this one much

The eleventh day

Pay College Players?

This guy could barely pay rent, I bet if they paid college athletes he wouldn’t have had to rob anybody.

Marshall WR arrested


All too common

I believe there is at least two or three stories a year about some superstar falling apart once his career over. I am thinking Dennis Rodman and Lenny Dykstra (as you can read in the article)

Can you think of anymore?

Get Ready East Coast

World is Ending Nutjob

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