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Middle school students suspended after seeing teacher’s topless photo on class iPad – Daily News

what the hell is wrong with the school…because they violated school policy???

what is the school policy, don’t discover nudes of the teacher on school issued iPads…these administrators are morons.

If my kid got suspended bc of this I would be furious…I would probably show up at the school with a lawyer or something. It makes no sense. – Oldest Brother

The eleventh day

Redskins, Giants to meet on 9/11;Colin Powell Honorary Captin

The NFL first Sunday of football is this Sunday 9/11/11. I will be there, I am predicting a 23-16 win by the G-Men.

Oh yea NE-YO is singing the national anthem.

Man thinks bomb threat will help grandmother

This guy is an idiot. Instead of bringing his grandmother to his house or a hotel he decides to call in a bomb threat.  It probably didn’t make the power company work faster.

Get Ready East Coast

CIA and NYPD??

Earthquake in DC, felt across east coast

Record earthquake has hit Virginia. Shaking was felt all the way up the east coast.

5.9 Magnitude reported in Mineral, VA. Some debris has fallen off the National Cathedral in DC. Aftershocks are expected in the next few hours, but they aren’t expected to be as big as the original 5.9 earthquake. They can also possibly last for a few weeks. Below are some links to news stories on the quake:

Crazy guy kills his daughter

Crazy video of a guy shooting a cop after they respond to shoots fired at his mother in-laws house.  I have heard from a source (who has had previous contact with this man on a day to day basis) that this guy was a little “off”.  He was known to make up stories and tell other crazy stories.

Schools and the Courts

This is a good look at the school systems in the US. I’m going to say these educators and administrators just don’t know how to handle students so they rely on the courts to hand out the punishment. These schools need to get involved with the parents and put these kids in detention. It is a joke that we are wasting additional tax payer money sending these kids to court for running in the halls. They have police officers writing tickets to students in LA because they are late for school. Don’t the police officers have anything better to do, like stopping the drug dealer from selling drugs or robbing somebody.


I could have told you this right away. The wife gets shot multiple times and dies, this guy walks away with superficial wounds.

Good work by the police detectives to get this guy to finally admit it.

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